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Checkfer Hospitality provides a simple and seamless way to deliver at table ordering and payment

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Who needs Checkfer?

Quick Service Restaurants

Grow Revenue from Lost Opportunities

Do you experience an increasing number of customers who work or stay for extended periods of time without reordering? The truth is that a large majority of customers would like to re-order, but don’t want to leave their items unattended and queue again. Checkfer enables you to deliver additional sales whilst improving your customer experience.

Hows does it work?

Table Service Restaurants

Improve Operational Efficiency & Delight Customers

Ordering and paying at the table hasn't really changed for 20 years. Customers have to wait an average of 13 minutes to pay their bill and it costs on average $0.70 to take an order at table. With staff availability and costs a continued challenge, and rising year-on-year raw input materials to consider, Checkfer provides an opportunity to both enhance operational effectiveness and delight your customers.

Hows does it work?

How does it work?

As an operator - Getting up and running

Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet
  1. Checkfer provides you with a tablet to easily create and map your table plan
  2. Our ruggedized beacons are then placed on the underside of any table surface
  3. The beacons are then paired to the tables to create your ‘Checkfer Delivery Network’
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For your customers - Take a seat and relax...

iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone
  1. They are notified via their smartphone on entry to take a table and order
  2. They check-in to the table with their smartphone
  3. Order, pay and enjoy! (via our white label ordering app or as a plug-in to your existing ordering app)

Checkfer– Real-Time Operation Portal


Data insights include:

  1. Sales and transaction data via check-in point
  2. Beacon management and status
  3. Customer feedback

The Beacon

Case (Cap)


High impact casing protects the beacon and it’s batteries



State of the art Bluetooth Low Energy beacon and antennae technology delivering ibeacon and eddystone formats within 100 metre range



Dual Batteries that deliver a minimum 2 year battery life with continuous use

Case (Base)


High impact casing protects the beacon and it’s batteries



Semi-permanent fixing options for many types of surfaces / ceilings

Why Checkfer?

The Checkfer Hospitality team have worked with Industry experts to create a model to support the ROI of the solution with your organisation.

We hope that you find the models useful and look forward to your feedback and open dialogue on how to make Checkfer Hospitality work for you.

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